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ProSteel Roofing Battens are light and STRONG alternatives to the traditional Timber roofing trusses used when building residential housing in Zambia.  Manufactured from Hi Strength Galvanised Steel the battens provided an unrivalled strength and rigidity to your roofing structure whilst ensuring that the battens remain straight and consistent throughout their life.

ProSteel Roofing Battens are versatile and easy to use. They can be lapped, eliminating the need for on-site cutting, which makes them quicker and easier to install. They are compatible with all roof claddings and are fixed directly to the rafters with screws through each flange. The roof is then fixed to the battens with self-drilling screws.

  • A textured surface makes installation easy when fixing the cladding.
  • 0.5mm thick hi-tensile steel is very strong, light weight and easy to cut with tin snips.
  • The 40mm high profile is strong and has been designed to nest for easy handling and storage.
  • Each flange has a location groove for easy and accurate fixing.
  • The return fold over edge provides safety and rigidity.
  • Available in stock lengths of 6.1m with mitred ends for easy installation at hips and valleys.


Fixing to Timber Joists:

Batten to Timber Fixing Fasten the batten to every truss or rafter with a 12x40mm timber fixing screw (minimum fixing size) through each flange as per the below illustration.

Fixing to Steel:

Batten to Steel Fixing Fasten the batten to every truss or rafter with a 10x16mm hex-head self-drilling screw (minimum fixing size) through each flange as shown below. 

Fixing to Timber Joists:

Fixing the Roof Sheets to the batten as per the appropriate roofing specifications.  It is advisable to fix the roof sheeting through the peak and not the valley to avoid leakage. 

Fixing to Ridges:

Fixing the Ridge Fix through the ridge flashing into the roofing batten as shown in the below illustration, using the appropriate cladding screws.


Lapping the Battens To minimise cutting, lay the battens in one direction starting from one end of the roof. The overlap must be supported over a truss or rafter, refer to drawing below. The minimum overlap is 100mm. 

Additional Information 

If additional fall protection is required on steel sheet roofs, ProSteel Ceiling Battens may be fixed intermittently between ProSteel Roofing Battens giving a batten spacing no greater than 600mm. Roofing battens are suitable for non-cyclonic conditions.

Note:  Batten spacing must not exceed the maximum recommended roof cladding spans, refer to your ProSteel specialist for further details.

Note: Batten spacing must not exceed the maximum recommended roof cladding spans. Refer to the appropriate Stratco cladding brochure for fastener and spanning details